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You can use Microsoft Authenticator for easy, secure sign-in to all of your online accounts using multi-factor authentication, password less, or password autofill. Which helps to keep your Microsoft Office365 account secure. Go to MFA Setup for Office 365 using and sign in using your work email address and your network password.

What is multi-factor authentication (MFA) and how does it work?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the use of multiple factors to confirm the identity of someone who is requesting access to an application, website or other resource. Multi-factor authentication is the difference between, for example, entering a password to gain access and entering a password plus a one-time password (OTP), or a password plus the answer to a security question.

By requiring people to confirm identity in more than one way, multi-factor authentication provides greater assurance that they really are who they claim to be—which reduces the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data. After all, it’s one thing to enter a stolen password to gain access; it’s quite another to enter a stolen password and then also be required to enter an OTP that was texted to the legitimate user’s smartphone.

Any combination of two or more factors qualifies as multi-factor authentication. The use of only two factors may also be referred to as two-factor authentication.

So look at a simple scenario: logging in to your bank account. If you’ve turned on MFA or your bank turned it on for you, things will go a little differently. First and most typically, you’ll type in your username and password. Then, as a second factor, you’ll use an authenticator app, which will generate a one-time code that you enter on the next screen. Then you’re logged in – that’s it!

How to activate in Office 365 ?

Microsoft wrote it recently in their security blog. You have 99.9 percent less chance of a hacker Office 365 account if you don’t have an MFA! A 2nd factor is really necessary. Often hackers already have your password in their possession. Activating to protect your identity is very important. If someone gets access to your mailbox this person can also misuse your identity. But important is not only to protect your mailbox but also your Google Account, your Facebook, PayPal and other important accounts you use.

How to setup the microsoft authenticator app Via Aka ms mfasetup ?

  1. Go to Edit Security Information; Select the Authenticator app.
  2. On your phone, open the app.
  3. Click the + to add your Drexel account.
  4. Please select a work or school account.
  5. Use your phone to scan the QR square on your computer screen.
  6. Please note: If you cannot use your phone camera, you will need to manually enter the 9 digit code and URL.
  7. A trial acceptance popup will appear on your phone.
  8. Please select Approve.
  9. You can use this randomly generated code whenever you are prompted for Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication.

Benefits Of multi-factor authentication

  • It ensures complete security.
  • It is available for iOS and Android devices
  • You can get approval for login or MFA request even if you have no cell coverage
  • You can get approval for login or MFA request even if you have no wireless coverage